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Sreeb’s dynamic team comprises of all necessary skills and experience to provide customers the best experience possible.  

Application Development

Sreeb provides application development services in a customized way that fits each customer. Sreeb Technologies has a team of experienced technical and functional consultants who will work with you first to identify the needs of your business and come up with a project plan. With the use of the plan, we will create a unique solution that will deliver the kind of results you need and deserve.

Application Operations

Our services on application operations secure great user experience through ensuring quick response times and quality when it comes to change management and changes. We provide big-scale and cost-efficient operations with attention to every detail in terms of your applications. Our SLA driven and metric based approach brings certainty and transparency in application operations.

Product Engineering

We understand Product Engineering requires altogether a different skill and perspective, At Sreeb, we have an experienced IT company with expertise in product design and development. We are committed to delivering high quality, reliable, customizable and configurable products using the latest technologies. Our past experience in developing successful products in Healthcare, logistics, agriculture proves our ability to deliver any software product with the highest quality.

Industries Served

Sreeb Technologies has been serving customers in various industries.







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We are always proud to make our customers happy with our services and delivery.

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Best of Best

Sreeb Technologies worked numerous seven-day weeks and countless extra hours to extend unparalleled support to RYSS. Their services received widespread praise from multiple stakeholders. I want to convey my personal appreciation to Sreeb Technologies for the services exceptionally well done.

Great Job

we certainly enjoy working with you and have a lot of respect for your teams skills and commitment.


This is the best onshore/offshore relationship I have ever worked with.

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Sreeb Technologies has a dynamic team with necessary skills and experience to deliver the best possible experience to our customers. Our product development experience helps customers to realize their product concepts with the highest quality.

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